Harrow Beijing Video: Community Service

At Harrow Beijing, we consider community service as an integral aspect of our students' leadership education.


Some of Harrow Beijing's goals are to give students opportunities to gain experience outside the school environment, learn about the surrounding community, use what they have learned in classrooms to benefit society, contribute to community life through their leadership, develop the ability to solve problems in real life with a sense of service and expand their skills beyond the realm of textbooks.


All our students have opportunities to participate in charitable work, whether teaching community school pupils, providing companionship for vulnerable groups or organizing their own fundraising events.


In recent years, Harrow Beijing has collaborated with numerous local and international charitable organizations, such as Alenah's Home, Our Learning Home, Anmin School, Future Forest, Water Is Life, Birding Beijing, No Dogs Left Behind, EGRC and Cambodian Living Arts.

近年来,哈罗北京与众多社区及国际慈善组织合作,例如儿童希望之家、仁育院、安民学校、Future Forest、Water is life、Birding Beijing、流浪狗之家、EGRC、Cambodian Living Arts等。